Monthly Archives: April 2016

Maine man models ‘mysteries’ in bottles

Fluttering canvas sails become paper. Masts become toothpicks, and the hull is formed from a block no bigger than a finger instead of planks and planks of wood. The raging sea becomes a colored mass of carefully pressed clay. Nails and rope become Elmers glue. Epoxy. “One time I sneezed and I lost, like, six cannon,” Dana […]

A man as straightforward, cryptic as his paintings

Introducing: Made in Maine minis. A place for me to feature people I’m not able to get full posts out of — for a variety of reasons. Maybe they’re shy, video-opposed and private. Maybe they’re from regular assignments that I wish I’d scooped my coworkers on. (Think behind-the-scenes and shots left on the cutting room floor). Maybe they’re people I […]

Homegrown surfboards go against the grain

From the frozen mountains and clear lakes of Vermont to Maine’s salty ocean waves, Mike Lavecchia loves carving up water in New England. He also likes… well, carving. Mike is the founder and principal owner of a wicked cool York-based company: Grain Surfboards. I heard about them through BDN photojournalist extraordinaire Ashley Conti, who has […]