It’s life or death for this Maine man’s dream game

The dreams of local game designer Chuck Carter depend on you. Both literally and figuratively. Chuck, one of the artists behind Myst, recently Kickstarted his company Eagre Games‘ first game: ZED. As of early Friday morning the game had attracted over 450 backers pledging over $12,000 of a $48,000 goal, with 28 days still left to kickstart. ZED is […]

The joyous watercolors of a Maine woman’s sorrow

Linden O’Ryan moved to Maine in 1985. Linden O’Ryan began creating art in 1985. I see a pattern. Don’t you? I’m fairly certain photographing Linden is the first time in my young life I’ve ever had to turn the saturation down on a photo in post processing to make it look more like reality. Her vibrant color palette and “Maine-inspired” […]

Maine woman makes the abstract concrete (literally)

Valerie McCaffrey is the only artist I’ve ever met that admits to spending 20 years working in the wrong medium. But almost eight years ago she turned in her colored pencils and paint brushes and tackled her dream of being a full-time artist for something completely different: concrete. It’s a dream Valerie always strived towards: full-time artist. After graduating from […]

Maine man models ‘mysteries’ in bottles

Fluttering canvas sails become paper. Masts become toothpicks, and the hull is formed from a block no bigger than a finger instead of planks and planks of wood. The raging sea becomes a colored mass of carefully pressed clay. Nails and rope become Elmers glue. Epoxy. “One time I sneezed and I lost, like, six cannon,” Dana […]

A man as straightforward, cryptic as his paintings

Introducing: Made in Maine minis. A place for me to feature people I’m not able to get full posts out of — for a variety of reasons. Maybe they’re shy, video-opposed and private. Maybe they’re from regular assignments that I wish I’d scooped my coworkers on. (Think behind-the-scenes and shots left on the cutting room floor). Maybe they’re people I […]