A cat, a map and 25 weeks of Maine made goodness

25 weeks of Maine makers. It’s been bliss, honestly. Absolute bliss.

As of right now, Made in Maine features posts on 22 artists across the state. It includes woodworkers of all kinds (guitars, fishing lures, realistic flowers, rainbow pepper mills), people who pour concrete, paint, felt little gnomes, design and code video games, and much, much more. It’s been a lovely journey.

However, there have been some challenges. The main one being the constant juggle of all of the multimedia content it requires with my daily duties as BDN’s photo editor and one of only two full-time staff photographers. On multiple occasions I have stayed up until 2 a.m. editing this blog to reach some sort of crazy, self-imposed deadline! And I’ve decided enough is enough.

If I have the time, awesome. If I don’t, I’ll give you guys a teaser and something else fun. No more 2 a.m. I will still work diligently to post weekly, but I’m hoping nobody out there has a scorecard running on when I post late. (If there is somebody out there, I hope yours compares to my 19-4 scorecard which still shows me kicking my blog’s butt.)

SO. This week, instead of an artist, here is a map. Every week I will pop my latest artist onto the map, and eventually I hope to have little dots EVERYWHERE. This map is also now embedded in my fancy navigation bar, along with a way to contact me.

Right now I have a whole lot of emptiness in Northern Maine. I’m hoping to travel up there soon and shoot a bunch of people that I can spread out over the next few months, but until then, at least next week’s artist is in Lincoln! Which is just a tiny bit farther than I’ve gone before.

On that note, I did promise you guys a cat in this post. My Lincoln artist has a cat. She is quite fluffy.


Fern watches the cars go past through the living room window.



My artist for next week likes to line up his art in window and along the wall in his living room before shows to figure out what he’s going to bring. So these photos do double duty: a cat and a sneak peek.

I also want to take this post as an opportunity to plead with my readers: send me recommendations! You all know I’m a Maine newbie, and while I have close to 100 people on my radar all across Maine, I’m always looking for more. Even when my private map looks like this:

I'm a truly crazy person.

I’m a truly crazy person.

What can I say. I love Maine makers.

Micky Bedell

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I love listening to people talk about their outlets for creativity. I love watching them work. When you meet someone who has a real, undeniable passion for something, and they put their heart and soul into it, it's easy to show that in photos and videos. I've worked in Vermont, Upstate New York, Western Massachusetts and now Maine. Rural New England holds my heart and soul.